Our Story

Introducing Katomun: Where Creativity Flourishes in Paper Goods
Located in the heart of Calgary, AB, Katomun is a local small business that exemplifies creativity at its finest. As a card publisher and creative brand, we specialize in crafting an exquisite assortment of pretty greeting cards and bookmarks. 
Delving deeper into our creative realm, we proudly present our exclusive art licensing offerings. Immerse yourself in a treasure trove of art and designs meticulously curated to delight and inspire. Our diverse range, spanning abstract creations, vibrant florals, and intricate illustrations, ensures that there’s a masterpiece for every preference.
Behind Katomun’s artistry stands Ayn, the founder, artist, illustrator, and designer in one. Ayn’s passion for her craft radiates through her work. She loves watercolours and acrylics, crafting an artistic symphony that resonates with every stroke. When not painting on paper, her iPad becomes a canvas for delightful doodles and captivating illustrations.

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Our carefully crafted card designs are inspired by the beauty of nature and help you express your feelings in a beautiful way. Send someone special a message that will brighten their day, using our floral greeting cards!

From the founder

My name is Ayn Alonzo (although some of you may know me as Dena Alyssa), and I am the face behind the brand Katomun. I grew up in Kidapawan City, a small town located at the foot of Mt. Apo ( the country’s highest mountain) in the Philippines. My hometown is the inspiration of my  creative journey. All designs are inspired by the beautiful tropical plants and trees that grew in our backyard and farm back home.

I am a self-taught artist, proficient in a range of styles and mediums, blending traditional and digital techniques. My passion lies in both traditional and digital arts, particularly painting flowers and creating abstract pieces. Each style fulfills a unique purpose in my life.

When I paint flowers, I’m enveloped in a sense of joy and exhilaration. It feels like embracing wild freedom, akin to dancing in a meadow of blossoms.

On the other hand, painting abstracts instills in me a profound sense of calmness. It’s a soothing experience, akin to strolling through a tranquil bamboo forest. Each stroke brings me closer to a peaceful state of mind.

Every piece of art, design, and illustration you see here is the product of my  dedication, effort and creativity since I embarked on my artistic journey in 2012. Thank you for being a part of this incredible ride and I couldn’t be more excited to share this life with you.